Jac iEV7L is a safe and guaranteed pure electric vehicle

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 Jac iEV7L is equipped with the latest generation of battery pack liquid cooling constant temperature technology and jianghuai new energy original five-level security guarantee technology, which gives consideration to green environmental protection, reliability and durability, and fully demonstrates the product advantages of “more environmentally friendly, safer and less worried”.

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Jac iEV7L is a class A0 pure electric car developed based on the new architecture of JIANGhuai iEV platform, with a comprehensive operating range of 302 kilometers and a service life of 600,000 kilometers. Jianghuai iEV7L carrying the latest generation of battery pack cools constant temperature technology and jianghuai new energy original five levels of security technology, green environmental protection, reliability, durability, give attention to two or morethings and use cost only 8 cents per kilometer of low use cost, fully displaying "greener, safer, more worry" product advantage, car brings a new experience for consumers.

Jianghuai iEV7L is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery with an energy density of 140.24Wh/kg and a power capacity of 35.2kWh. The new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 50 kW, a maximum torque of 215 N · m, a comprehensive NEDC endurance of 302km, and a maximum speed of 120km/h. Surprisingly, iEV7L battery cell uses the first breakthrough of 190WH /kg mass production of lithium iron phosphate cell in China, and its life exceeds 600,000 kilometers.
In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4320/1710m/1515mm, and the wheelbase is 2500mm. The side of the body is elongated by the design of double waist lines.
In addition, in addition to reversing radar and reversing image, iEV7L also has a pedestrian warning system VSP, collision automatic power failure protection and other intimate configuration, combined with ABS+EBD, brake priority, motor redundancy braking and other triple braking safety protection system, intelligent tire pressure monitoring system TPMS and other safety configuration.
In terms of safety, iEV7L is equipped with the latest generation of liquid cooling constant temperature technology independently developed by Jianghuai New Energy, which can achieve rapid heating and cooling of the battery pack. This technology can control the temperature of the battery pack between 10-35℃, ensure the working temperature of the battery pack, and greatly improve the service life of the battery. Even in the ultra-low temperature environment of minus 30℃, iEV7L can also charge and drive normally.
The throttle may be in order to avoid the sensation of acceleration, the adjustment of iEV7L accelerator pedal is not very sensitive. In the early stage, there is a little virtual position. After continuing to step deeply, the vehicle slowly starts. However, when driving at high speed from coasting to acceleration, the vehicle will appear a slight rush.
The chassis and suspension system of iEV7L have good overall support, and the chassis part is still very solid in normal driving. Suspension vibration filtering effect is also good, small potholes can be well filtered out, the overall adjustment of comfort.

Product Specifications

0-50km/h acceleration performance 6S
NEDC pure electric driving range 320km
Maximum power 45Kw
Maximum torque 150N·m
Top speed 120km/h
Length*width*height (mm) 4320*1710*1515
Tire size 185/60 R15

Product description

1. Classic look
classic car styling
Sculpture streamline body design
large space
LED daytime running lights + LED combination tail lights
Black and white two-tone interior styling
One-piece oversized seamless touch screen.

2. Stable and easy to drive
Volkswagen professionally tuned high-quality chassis
302KM battery life without worry
0-50km/h acceleration in only 5.5 seconds
hill assist system
Reversing radar + reversing visual
VSP pedestrian automatic reminder system
Mobile APP remote control system

3. Inherently Safe
Domestic leading battery pack liquid cooling constant temperature technology
Original five-level security technology
High strength body design
ABS+EBD+Brake priority triple protection
Intelligent tire pressure monitoring system TPMS
Intelligent battery maintenance, remote self-checking and diagnosis function

4. Super long life
China's first breakthrough 190wh/k mass-produced lithium iron phosphate battery
600,000 KM long life
Liquid-cooled constant temperature technology, regardless of high temperature and extreme cold, the battery performance will always maintain the best state.

5. Save money and worry
Super charging convenience, fast charging/slow charging and other charging methods
8 years/150,000 kilometers long warranty policy
One kilometer of electricity costs only 8 cents, ultra-low usage costs
Ultra low maintenance cost
Super after-sales guarantee, covering 518 service systems across the country.

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