Avatr 11 is a mid-size luxury fastback crossover offered in either four-seat or five-seat variants

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Avatr 11 shows the characteristics of fashion, youth and high performance in terms of exterior design, interior configuration and power performance, making it suitable for young people who pursue individuality and driving pleasure.


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AVATR 11′s body size is 4880mm*1970mm*1601mm, with smooth lines, giving people a young and fashionable feel. It is paired with large-size thick-walled tires to further increase the sense of sportiness. The rear of the car echoes the front of the car, the taillight design is simple and fashionable, and the overall layout leaves a deep impression on people.

Entering the car, AVATR 11′s interior style is domineering and stylish, and the steering wheel has a youthful and individual shape. It is equipped with electric up and down + front and rear adjustment and steering wheel memory function, and feels comfortable. The central control part is equipped with a 15.6-inch central control screen. The design has a strong sense of layering and gives people a deep and elegant feeling. The unique design style and trendy elements of the dashboard are impressive. The seats are made of genuine leather and have good wrapping properties, further improving the comfort of drivers and passengers.

AVATR 11′s is equipped with an electric motor with a total power of 230KW and a total torque of 370N.m. It has excellent power performance and good acceleration. At the same time, its cruising range is also excellent, providing users with long-term driving pleasure and convenience.

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