The Letin Mango is a pure electric mini car

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On the side of the body, the new car adopts a similar small box shape, which makes daily parking more convenient. At the same time, thanks to the flat roof design, it can provide sufficient head space to a certain extent, so that passengers in the car are more comfortable.

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Adopt curved surface technology aesthetic design, smile curve front face, automatic cat-eye headlights, 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, quantum fluid LED taillight, etc. Before using smooth line draw the outline of body, closed-end China also adopt the oval design, at the same time, fast charge/slow filling charging interface hidden inside the former LOGO, blackened type headlamps USES circular design, internal two circular chrome trim have very good adornment effect, and hidden semicircle LED daytime running lights hidden in the lateral chrome trim. The side lines of the car body are simple, and the short front and rear suspension design can provide plenty of space inside the car.

With 403KM long endurance. Ningde Era high-performance battery PACK is adopted, which enables the battery system to have a high energy density of 171Wh/kg. In the aspect of three-power safety, the high and low voltage isolation design is adopted, and the live body is fully isolated and insulated. Through vibration, impact, extrusion, fire, sea water immersion and other safety tests, the IP67 safety protection grade is reached. In addition, Leap Motor T03 is equipped with intelligent liquid constant temperature management system, which can heat and cool the battery, effectively control the battery charging and working temperature, and improve battery safety.

Equipped with 42-inch panoramic muting glass canopy (with electric shading curtain), integrated leather seats, ergonomic door handles, decorative panels with the same color as exterior decorations, 15 storage Spaces, all make the interior space of the vehicle transparent, spacious and comfortable.

The system is equipped with 8-inch intelligent suspended LIQUID crystal instrument and 10.1-inch high-definition touch screen. The steering wheel is a three-frame flat-bottom multi-function steering wheel. Inside the a-pillar of the main driver's seat, the new car is also equipped with A face recognition activation system, which is rare in its class. The seats in the new car are wrapped in leather and the rear seats can be reclined as a whole.

Product Specifications

Brand Leap Motor
Model T03
Version 2022 Star Diamond Edition
Basic parameters
Car model Minicar
Type of Energy Pure electric
Time to market Dec,2021
NEDC pure electric cruising range (KM) 403
 Fast charging time[h] 0.6
Fast charge capacity [%] 80
Slow charging time[h] 3.5 
Maximum power (KW) 80
Maximum torque [Nm] 158
Motor horsepower [Ps] 109
Length*width*height (mm) 3620*1652*1592
Body structure 5-door 4-seat hatchback
Top Speed (KM/H) 100
Official 0-100km/h acceleration (s) 12
Car body
Longth(mm) 3620
Width(mm) 1652
Higth(mm) 1592
Wheel base(mm) 2400
Front track (mm) 1410
Rear track (mm) 1410
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 140
Body structure hatchback
Number of doors 5
Number of seats 4
Trunk volume (L) 210-508
Electric motor
Motor type Permanent magnet synchronization
Total motor power (kw) 80
Total motor torque [Nm] 158
Front motor maximum power (kW) 80
Front motor maximum torque (Nm) 158
Number of drive motors Single motor
Motor placement Prepended
Battery Type Lithium iron phosphate battery
NEDC pure electric cruising range (KM) 403
Battery Power(kwh) 41
Number of gears 1
Transmission type Fixed gear ratio gearbox 
Short name Electric vehicle single speed gearbox
Chassis Steer
Form of drive Rear-engine Rear-drive  FF
Type of front suspension McPherson independent suspension
Type of rear suspension Torsion Beam Dependent Suspension
Boost type Electric assist
Car body structure Load bearing
Wheel braking
Type of front brake Ventilated Disc
Type of rear brake Disc
Type of parking brake Electronic brake
Front Tire Specifications 165/65 R15
Rear tire specifications 165/65 R15
Cab Safety Information
Primary driver airbag YES
Co-pilot airbag YES
Tire pressure monitoring function Tire pressure display
Seat belt not fastened reminder First row
ISOFIX Child seat connector YES
ABS anti-lock YES
Brake force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.) YES
Brake Assist (EBA/BAS/BA, etc.) YES
Traction Control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.) YES
Body Stability Control (ESC/ESP/DSC, etc.) YES
Lane Departure Warning System YES
Lane Keeping Assist YES
Road traffic sign recognition YES
Active Braking/Active Safety System YES
Fatigue driving tips YES
Assist/Control configuration
Front parking radar YES
Rear parking radar YES
Driving assistance video Reverse image                                                       
Cruise system Full speed adaptive cruise
Driving mode switching Sport                                                                      Economy                                                         Standard Comfort
Automatic parking YES
Automatic parking YES
Hill assist YES
External / Anti-Theft Configuration
Sunroof type Panoramic sunroof cannot be opened
Rim material Aluminum alloy
Interior central lock YES
Key type Remote key                                                      
Keyless start system YES
Remote start function YES
Battery preheating YES
Internal configuration
Steering wheel material Cortex
Steering wheel position adjustment Manual up and down 
Multifunction steering wheel YES
Trip computer display screen Color
Full LCD Dashboard YES
LCD meter size (inch) 8
Built-in driving recorder YES
Seat configuration
Seat materials Limitation leather
Driver's seat adjustment Front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (2-way) 
Co-pilot  seat adjustment Front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment
Rear seats folded down Whole down
Multimedia configuration
Central control color screen Touch LCD
Central control screen size (inch) 10.1
Satellite navigation system YES
Navigation traffic information display YES
Bluetooth/Car Phone YES
Voice recognition control system Multimedia system, navigation, telephone, air conditioning
Face recognition YES
Internet of Vehicles YES
OTA upgrade YES
Multimedia/charging interface USB                                                                                 
Number of USB/Type-c ports 2 in front
Number of speakers (pcs) 4
Lighting configuration
Low beam light source Halogen
High beam light source Halogen
LED daytime running lights YES
Automatic lamp head YES
Headlight height adjustable YES
Headlights turn off YES
Glass/Rearview mirror
Front power windows YES
Rear power windows YES
Window one-button lift function Full car
Window anti-pinch function YES
Post audition feature Electric adjustment,rearview mirror heating                       
Inside rearview mirror function Manual anti-dazzle
Interior vanity mirror Main driver
Air conditioner/refrigerator
Air conditioner temperature control method Manual air conditioner
Smart hardware
Number of cameras 11 3
The number of ultrasonic radars is 12 11
The number of millimeter wave radars is 5 1


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