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Song PLUS EV gets rid of the previous impression of cheapness and plagiarism left by BYD on everyone. The highly mature appearance and interior design are very eye-catching at first glance. As for excellent sound insulation, smooth acceleration, etc. regarding driving, Song PLUS EV did not disappoint at all. Overall, it can be said that it is a bucket product, everything is balanced and there are no flaws.

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All BYD Song PLUS EV series are equipped with lithium iron phosphate blade batteries as standard. The blade batteries adopt refrigerant direct cooling technology. By passing the air conditioning system refrigerant into the cold plate on the top of the battery pack, the battery pack can be quickly cooled, and the heat exchange efficiency is increased by 20%. And its safety factor and service life are superior to the mainstream ternary lithium-ion batteries on the market. The structure of the blade battery can also further improve the space utilization within the battery pack.

The acceleration of BYD Song PLUS EV tends to be linear. If you press the accelerator pedal deeply below 70km/h, the vehicle will indeed have a certain push-back feeling. It is different from the feeling of pushing you forward like Model Y. Song PLUS EV's This feeling of acceleration does not last. It can be said that it comes and goes quickly.

The brake pedal is divided into two types: standard and comfort. In the standard mode, the foot feel is moderately soft and hard, but when using the latter, you will feel a little softer when you step on it. However, their differences are also very small and not very obvious to the driver's perception.

BYD Song PLUS EV has a strong sense of luxury when driving. The first reason for this feeling is its excellent sound insulation performance. During driving, wind noise and tire noise are well suppressed, and the noise coming from underneath the vehicle is also very small. It is very good at listening. The suspension performance is relatively tough, and the chassis and soft seats absorb most of the vibrations. For larger bumps such as speed bumps,BYD Song PLUS EV will respond to you with two crisp "bangs".

The air conditioner was not turned on during the entire journey, and the ECO mode was used. The driving style was conservative. After driving 94.2km, there was still 91% remaining power. If you only use it for commuting in the city every week, and the daily distance is maintained within 50km, then you can completely guarantee the frequency of charging once a week.

Model Song Plus Song Plus
Version 2023 Champion Edition EV 520KM flagship model 2023 Champion Edition EV 605KM Flagship PLUS
Basic parameters
Car model Compact SUV Compact SUV
Type of Energy Pure electric Pure electric
Time to Market June.2023 June.2023
CLTC pure electric cruising range (KM) 520 605
Maximum power (KW) 150 160
Maximum torque [Nm] 310 330
Motor horsepower [Ps] 204 218
Length*width*height (mm) 4785*1890*1660 4785*1890*1660
Body structure 5-door 5-seat SUV 5-door 5-seat SUV
Top Speed (KM/H) 175 175
Official 0-50km/h acceleration (s) 4 4
Mass (kg) 1920 2050
Maximum full load mass(kg) 2295 2425
Electric motor
Motor type Permanent magnet/synchronous Permanent magnet/synchronous
Total motor power (kw) 150 160
Total motor power (PS) 204 218
Total motor torque [Nm] 310 330
Front motor maximum power (kW) 150 160
Front motor maximum torque (Nm) 310 330
Number of drive motors Single motor Single motor
Motor placement Rear Rear
Battery Type Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium iron phosphate battery
CLTC pure electric cruising range (KM) 520 605
Battery Power(kwh) 71.8 87.04
Number of gears 1 1
Transmission type Fixed Ratio Transmission Fixed Ratio Transmission
Short name Electric vehicle single speed gearbox Electric vehicle single speed gearbox
Chassis Steer
Form of drive Front wheel drive Front wheel drive
Type of front suspension MacPherson independent suspension MacPherson independent suspension
Type of rear suspension Multi-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension
Boost type Electric assist Electric assist
Car body structure Load bearing Load bearing
Wheel braking
Type of front brake Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc
Type of rear brake Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc
Type of parking brake Electric brake Electric brake
Front Tire Specifications 235/50 R19 235/50 R19
Rear tire specifications 235/50 R19 235/50 R19
Passive Safety
Main/passenger seat airbag Main●/Sub● Main●/Sub●
Front/rear side airbags Front●/Rear— Front●/Rear—
Front/rear head airbags (curtain airbags) Front●/Rear● Front●/Rear●
Tire pressure monitoring function ●Tire pressure display ●Tire pressure display
Seat belt not fastened reminder ●Full car ●Full car
ISOFIX child seat connector
ABS anti-lock
Brake force distribution (EBD/CBC, etc.)
Brake Assist (EBA/BAS/BA, etc.)
Traction Control (ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.)
Body Stability Control (ESC/ESP/DSC, etc.)

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